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Printing Tips – Warping and not sticking to platform


If you are having trouble getting your print to stick to your Kapton tape, we have found that Hairspray works wonders, in fact it is so good that sometimes it can be a bit difficult to get your model off afterwards, so go easy.

Heated bed up to temperature

Before you start your print ensure that the heat bed is up to at least 95 degrees for ABS, PLA you can get away with 80.


Air conditioning blowing straight onto your printer will cause you problems, i even noticed a problem on a cold day with a stream of cold air hitting the corner of one of my objects, so now I remove that from the equation.


As an alternative to hairspray, if you collect your left over plastic bits and melt the Abs with a bit of nail polish remover, this slurry can then be painted onto your platform with a cotton bud, and will help your model stick.

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